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Welcome to LTWID Magazine, your premier destination to learn about the most profitable vintage design and collectibles. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of timeless aesthetics, offering valuable insights and expert knowledge.

Discover the latest trends in vintage design and explore the lucrative realm of collectibles. From iconic furniture to exquisite decor, our curated collection will inspire your journey towards profitable investments.

Learn with us as we share tips, advice, and in-depth analysis on sourcing, evaluating, and preserving vintage treasures. Stay ahead of the curve with our up-to-date coverage of sought-after pieces and notable collections.

Enhance your understanding of profitable vintage design and collectibles through our engaging YouTube channel. Immerse yourself in captivating histories, expert interviews, and exclusive content designed to maximize your expertise.

Unlock the potential of vintage design and collectibles with LTWID Magazine. Join our community and embark on a profitable journey in this timeless market.

Start learning with LTWID Magazine today and explore the world of vintage and collectibles with confidence.

stockx leader in sneaker reselling

StockX: Leader in Sneaker Reselling

The Reselling Market StockX, valued at an impressive 3.8 billion dollars, stands as the leading company in the reselling market of sneakers. The market it …

Ettore Sottsass murano glasses

The Birth of Ettore Sottsass’s Murano Glass Masterpieces

The Murano glass by designer Ettore Sottsass are a blend of modernity and ancient artisanal knowledge, but how did the wonderful collaboration between artist Ettore …

carlo de carli desk cover article

Carlo De Carli and his synergistic architecture between man and nature

Carlo De Carli can be considered the quintessential Milanese architect. His work encompasses both interior design and teaching at the renowned Polytechnic University of Milan, …

parchment furnishing

Rediscovering The Past: The Charisma Of Parchment Furnishing

Parchment furnishings exude an extraordinary allure, encompassing fascination, elegance, and unmatched design. The ancient art of restoring furniture using parchment has been instrumental in reviving …

Collaboration Home Stylist Milano

Interview with Salvatore Poddighe, founder of Home Stylist Milano

Today, we had the opportunity to interview Salvatore Poddighe, founder of Home Stylist Milano and Interior Designer. What sets him apart? An eclectic style with …

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