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Welcome to LTWID Magazine, your premier destination to learn about the most profitable vintage design and collectibles. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of timeless aesthetics, offering valuable insights and expert knowledge.

Discover the latest trends in vintage design and explore the lucrative realm of collectibles. From iconic furniture to exquisite decor, our curated collection will inspire your journey towards profitable investments.

Learn with us as we share tips, advice, and in-depth analysis on sourcing, evaluating, and preserving vintage treasures. Stay ahead of the curve with our up-to-date coverage of sought-after pieces and notable collections.

Enhance your understanding of profitable vintage design and collectibles through our engaging YouTube channel. Immerse yourself in captivating histories, expert interviews, and exclusive content designed to maximize your expertise.

Unlock the potential of vintage design and collectibles with LTWID Magazine. Join our community and embark on a profitable journey in this timeless market.

Start learning with LTWID Magazine today and explore the world of vintage and collectibles with confidence.


Victor Vasarely: Pioneer of Op Art

Victor Vasarely, renowned as the foremost exponent of the Op Art movement, stands at the forefront of artistic innovation alongside fellow artist Bridget Riley. Emerging …


Luxury Vintage Watches: the Investment Landscape

Vintage watches have emerged as an exciting and promising investment category, captivating the attention of collectors and investors alike. With certain models experiencing remarkable increases …

superonda poltrona

Poltronova: Radical Design and Revolution

The radical design of Poltronova has made this Tuscan company a protagonist in a true revolution of design. Collaborations with renowned artists under the guidance …

Italian design from moma

Italian Design: From MoMA in 1972 to Today’s Boom

After so many successful auctions and events, we find ourselves reflecting on the pivotal event of 1972 that shaped the history and affirmation of Italian …

Historical Portraits

The Enduring Allure of Historical Portraits

Throughout history, historical portraits have consistently captured the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors, often leading to remarkable results in auctions. The recent Freeman’s auction …

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