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18th Century French Chest of Drawer in Wood and Red Marble


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Beautiful antique chest of drawers dating from the 18th century of French manufacture in wood.
The chest of drawers has a very hard and classic rectangular shape, there are 4 wooden punched support legs, very elegant. The top is made entirely of a very elegant and sumptuous red marble from France, but has a central crack, being a VINTAGE product.
On the front of the chest of drawers we see 3 large wooden drawers, as long as the entire body of the product. The three drawers appear to be divided into two smaller ones, but this is an optical illusion created by the wonderful woodwork, which makes it look like something that does not actually exist. Centrally to each drawer we see a brass lock in patina, with an attached key. The inside of the drawers is lined in a very antique, beautiful and elegant floral paper, suitable for the cabinet in which it is applied. Around each lock a round element has been recreated through the use of different colours of wood and workmanship.
The beauty of this piece of furniture is definitely given by the meticulous and differentiated woodwork. At the corners of the smaller drawers, fretwork is recreated that seems to recall flowers. In addition, around the round knobs in the centre of the smaller drawers are squares as if to create depth.
The chest of drawers at the corners is not angular, but is carved to give a bevelled effect, and it too is decorated differently from everything else: with light-coloured inverted triangles and architectural bands. The background that homogenizes everything is created by the effect of the wood: in fact, wooden bands have been interwoven, with different grains clearly visible and elegant.
On the side, a rectangular frame with sinuous decorations at the corners has been defined, within which a design has been created: another rectangle, with rounded corners, is contained. Centrally there is a decoration in the shape of a shield, with two points, one upper and one lower: it is created with a much lighter wood, creating a truly wow effect!
The chest of drawers is not suitable for all types of environments, but only for those that enhance it.


Height: 100 cm (39.37 in.)

Width: 126 cm (49.60 in.)

Depth: 58 cm (22.83 in.)


The chest of drawer is in good and original vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use. Breaking in marble and a wooden corner. Being a VINTAGE item it is possible that it will bear some scratches or defects.

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