Albert Jacob armchairs three by Grosfillex


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Albert Jacob Set of three armchairs by Grosfillex, France

Step back in time to the enchanting 70’s era where design and imagination knew no bounds.

The Captivating Essence of Space Age Style

In this article we delve into the fascinating world of 1970s French Space Age style armchairs, masterpieces of creativity and innovation. Made by the talented designer Albert Jacob, these armchairs boast an attractive blend of original geige cotton fabric and a pretty brown plastic shell. We embark on a poetic journey through time, exploring the futuristic allure and flowing lines that limit these exceptional pieces of furniture, branded with charm under their seats. Find out how these iconic armchairs, adorned with three delicate metal buttons, secure their cushion to the plastic structure.

In the heart of the 70s, a remarkable design movement emerged – the Space Age style. This era was characterized by its fascination with space exploration, the cosmos, and the boundless potential of the future. In the realm of furniture design, the Space Age aesthetic took form, capturing the essence of innovation, sleekness, and a hint of whimsical imagination. Albert Jacob, a visionary designer of his time, harnessed this spirit and infused it into the very fabric of his armchair creations.

Unraveling the Design

The magic of these armchairs lies in their remarkable construction. The fusion of the original geige cotton fabric and the earthy brown plastic shell creates an alluring juxtaposition, mirroring the blend of celestial wonders with earthly elements. The result is an otherworldly charm that beckons admirers to experience comfort and style like never before.

Fluid Lines and Futuristic Dreams

Behold the graceful lines that define these armchairs, mimicking the flow of cosmic energy. The Space Age style embraced the concept of fluidity and movement, and these armchairs exemplify this principle flawlessly. Their contours seem to whisper tales of interstellar travel and evoke a sense of weightlessness, making them not just pieces of furniture, but gateways to distant galaxies.

Unlocking Hidden Treasures

Beneath the seat of these captivating armchairs, one can find a delightful secret – a branded mark that signifies authenticity and uniqueness. Each armchair is a treasure, a genuine representation of the era it was born in, waiting to be discovered and cherished by those who appreciate the allure of the past.

Cherishing Memories and Embracing the Present

As we revel in the nostalgia of the 70s, let us not forget the precious moments these armchairs have witnessed. They were there when dreams of space travel filled the hearts of many, and they remain as timeless witnesses to the ever-changing tides of design and art.

An Ode to Comfort and Artistry Embracing Eccentricity and Individuality

These armchairs are more than just furniture; they are an artistic expression of uniqueness and individuality. Their presence in a space instantly transforms it into a sanctuary of self-expression, where creativity knows no bounds. In the halls of the unconventional and the homes of the avant-garde, these armchairs find their perfect abode.

Transcending Time and Trends

In a world ever-fascinated with fleeting trends, the 70s French Space Age style armchairs stand tall as a testament to the enduring power of timeless design. They defy the limitations of time, continuing to inspire and captivate the hearts of those who seek to infuse their lives with artful elegance.


As we bid farewell to our poetic journey through the 70s French Space Age style armchairs, we are left with a profound appreciation for the merging of creativity and functionality that defined this era. Albert Jacob’s visionary genius gifted the world with armchairs that transcend mere furniture, becoming gateways to an era of boundless imagination and artistic wonder. Let us continue to embrace the charm of the past, cherishing these armchairs as they gracefully bridge the gap between history and the future, forever adorning young and eccentric spaces with their enchanting allure.

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Height: 30.32 in (77 cm)

Width: 34.26 in (87 cm)

Depth: 23.63 in (60 cm)

Seat Height: 17.72 in (45 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In original condition, have light scratches. The fabric is original from the period but in good condition.

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