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Antique Cabinet in Walnut Wood with Glass


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Very rare antique cabinet dating from the Rococo period of the 1700s, made of walnut wood with brass details, very elegant, fine Italian manufacture.
The antique cabinet is totally made of the finest walnut wood.
The base is supported by 4 square feet, placed diagonally, which create a very fine angle. Their workmanship is reminiscent of that of capitals, given the curly detail present on each of them.
The wooden base supports the central body of the antique cabinet composed of a clear glass display case, set into the wood. On the frame is a brass lock.
Inside the display case we find a storage space also complete with two drawers below. A brass bar in patina is present.
The centerpiece of the antique cabinet is its top: it is finely worked through shapely and sinuous decorations. There are 4 ornamental capitals, one for each corner of the cabinet, also placed diagonally. The top is decorated with a finely worked and curved frieze, also made of walnut wood.
On the two front capitals are two decorative wooden structures, reminiscent of those on an ancient cup.
The central part of the summit is rounded and is surmounted by an imposing wooden structure, skillfully worked, resembling the shape of a leaf with attached curls, marvelous.
Below this decoration are three other elements: 1 central round, polished wood, while the two side ones are wooden decorations also asymmetrical in shape.
The antique cabinet is truly a very rare piece of the Rococo period, very elegant and ideal for collectors or imposing houses worthy of such a piece.


Height: 293 cm (115.35 in.)

Width: 154 cm (60.62 in.)

Depth: 65 cm (25.59 in.)


The antique cabinet is in original and good condition, has defects and scratches mainly on the back, consistent with its antiquity.


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