Antique “Ecce Homo” in Carved Stone


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Wonderful carved stone sculpture depicting Christ, modeled by a master sculptor in the 15th century, carved entirely by hand. This sculpture is known as Ecce homo.
As tradition tells us, “Ecce homo” is the phrase that Pontius Pilate, then Roman governor of Judea, uttered while showing the crowd the scourged Jesus.
The sculpture depicts half a bust of Jesus Christ with his arms folded, his face sad and bitter from the wickedness he encountered on Earth. His head is covered with a thick mantle of neck-length hair, with a crown of thorns crowning him that is distinguished by its zigzag workmanship. His nose is very prominent and his mind covered by a thick beard with a mustache. Christ’s agonized face hints at the brutality of the human soul, which cannot distinguish the good from the bad, an inestimable plague of humanity.
The arms are crossed, but we can clearly see that the wrists have been immobilized with handcuffs, tied in turn by a rope, which also goes to the shoulders.
The Christ has a plexiglass display structure that is perfect for the display of this beautiful sculpture.
In ancient times, sculptures were shaped and molded in stone, which is what the artist of this sculpture did.
The statue is perfect for scholars or lovers of religious art.


Height: 33 cm (12.99 in.)

Width: 18 cm (7.08 in.)

Depth: 11 cm (4.33 in.)


The sculpture is in good and original vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use.
Being a VINTAGE item it is possible that it will bear some scratches or defects.

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