Antique French Round Table with Fine Inlays


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Features of the French Antique Table

We present an elegant antique French round table, dating back to the 1800s. This remarkable piece has exquisite and precious features that add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Making the Antique French Table

The round table top features intricate diamond and triangle inlays, made from various types of wood. These inlays not only enhance the visual appeal of the table, but also reflect the meticulous attention to detail that characterises its creation. The artistic craftsmanship of the inlays further contributes to the table’s appeal.
The table’s structure is supported by a wooden pedestal, which testifies to the exceptional workmanship and skill employed during its construction. The pedestal rises upwards with remarkable skill, catching the eye and adding an element of grandeur to the table’s design. Below the pedestal, three turned wooden feet provide solid support, ensuring stability and aesthetic harmony.

Preciousness of the antique French table

This elegant French round table is a renowned example of exceptional French craftsmanship and testifies to the historical importance of French production in the 1800s. It is perfectly suited to refined and classic settings where antique style takes centre stage. By adding this table to your space, you will not only acquire a beautiful and valuable piece, but you will also bring a touch of French history and art into your home.

A tip on how to insert this piece of great French history into your living room:

“Every apartment has its own interesting history and specific charm that needs to be respected. Good design should blend the iconic character and elegance of the space with practical luxury.”

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Dimensions the antique french table:
Height: 31.7 in (80.5 cm)
Diameter: 40.16 in (102 cm)
Wear consistent with age and use. In good condition. slight scratches due to its age.
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