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Antique Italian Decorative Ladder in Beige Wood


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Fabulous Italian Vintage rustic ladder from the 1920s. It is made of painted wood.
The ladder is a beautiful painted wood decorative element from the Rustic Chic period of the early 1920s, made in Italy. It can also be placed as in Fané style because of its beautiful patina of wear and tear, which makes this decorative element elegant and charming.
It is made entirely of durable wood, stained in shades of beige.
The ladder via a mechanism opens to have its width and facilitate its ascent. The ladder can serve as a splendid decorative element, typical and suitable for an industrial or rustic style and Fané styles, for living rooms or gardens.

Open Dimensions:

Height: 178 cm (70.07 in.)

Width: 54 cm (21.26 in.)

Depth: 130 cm (51.18 in.)

Close Dimensions:

Height: 206 cm (81.10 in.)

Width: 54 cm (21.26 in.)

Depth: 24 cm (9.44 in.)


The ladder is not very safe recommend only for decorative beauty. It has flaws.


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