Aureliano Toso Italian Vase Chalcedony 1950s


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Aureliano Toso vase is made of a magnificent chalcedony glass where it has several veins. The colors of Aureliano Toso vase are mixed brown and cobalt blue to white. Its iridescence enhances the beauty of the chalcedony stone.
Its pitcher-shaped mouth is stylized in the shape of a leaf.

In the center of the Aureliano Toso vase its workmanship is pierced to create a sinuous and soft shape.
The Aureliano Toso vase is the perfect piece of furniture for homes of great class and luxury.


Height: 32cm

Width: 16 cm

Depth: 9 cm

Condition: The vase is in perfect condition, no damage or dents.

Weight 1.0 kg


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