Carmelo Cappello Metal Sculpture, Triangular Spiral


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Futurist sculpture by master sculptor Cappello Carmelo entitled Triangular Spiral. Edition 5 of 6 of 1978, signature and year engraved underneath the sculpture. The work is a futurist depiction of architectural sculpture. The forms are vibrant and incisive. Each of his creations looks like a metaphysical work where the elements come together to create a figurative phase. From figurative art he moves on to Constructivism. His work creates a focus on space.
His works are cultural matrices that give rise to his personal language aimed at the declination of linear and volumetric rhythms.
Constant components of his structures are the curve, linked in the circle or marked in the ellipse, in a rigorous balance of two-dimensional relationships.
Ideal for important and imposing environments where art is the master.
Dimensions without base: 49x25x61 cm. The work is filed in the Carmelo Cappello Archive with the inventory number: A78-102. Cm 25.50 x 61.00 x 15.00. 1978.


Height: 61 cm (24,02 in.)

Width: 15 cm (5,91 in.)

Depth: 25 cm (9,84 in.)


In good condition, light scratches

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