Cast Iron English Table in Victorian Style


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Refined cast iron English Victorian table. The table is made of cast iron painted white . Great workmanship of the cast iron that features ornaments and floral elements , note the workmanship of the feet in the shape of an animal’s paw. It can also be relocated in settings from the fané style given its wear and tear that makes its structure pickled. The round-shaped top is made of weather-resistant naval wood such as rain ect. This fine table is also easily placed for outdoor settings such as gardens, winter gardens, deor, and also in settings such as shabby style dining rooms or typical Anglo-Saxon Victorian fané style. Its wear and tear is its beauty.


Height: 76 cm (29.9 in.)

Diameter: 108 cm (42.52 in.)


The English Victorian Table are in good and original period condition. Wear and scratches consistent with use and time.

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