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Chinese Antique Colonial Showcase in Fine Wood


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Gorgeous antique showcase of fine French manufacture, created for English colonists, belonging to the 1800s.
This stunning display case is made entirely of a very fine dark wood, fabulously crafted and embellished.
There are 4 feet to support the structure, S-shaped in fine wood, black in color, very durable. The feet are decorated with simply fantastic wooden spheres. Above we see a rectangular frame decorated like a frieze, with various squiggles and wooden spheres that go to create bunches of grapes, which give a really beautiful and scenic effect.
Going up we see two window opening doors, very beautiful, with spherical wooden handles. The decorations are located in the center of the rectangle of the sash: the subject is a flowering tree branch with a sweet little bird perched on it, supreme nature prevails.
Going up further rises the showcase proper, again framed by the wood used for the base. There is a central handle at the left side, which helps to open the one window sash.
You can see centrally 3 dark wood shelves, decorated with leaves and twigs, very nice. These shelves go to create 5 large compartments allowing a substantial amount of objects to be placed inside.
There is glass on the sides as well, so as to allow a clean view from the sides as well. Every corner of the cabin is decorated with leaves and grapes, a splendor worthy of the period in which it was produced.
Above it is a large decorative frieze of squiggles and leaves, what else to add?
This cabinet was created with destination for English settlers, in fact it has many typically English features. It is gorgeous and has good workmanship, splendid decorations.
Suitable for any room in classic antique style!


Height: 195 cm (76.77 in.)

Width: 80 cm (31.49 in.)

Depth: 33 cm (12.99 in.)


The cabinet is in good and original vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use.
Being a VINTAGE item it is possible that it will bear some scratches or defects.

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