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Demistella Console Etttore Sottsass in marble


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Visionary Demistella console table by Ettore Sottsass from the 1990s for the Up&Up manufacture. With this console, Ettore Sottsass exposes himself by giving movement and eccentricity to a piece of furniture. The Demistella table, developed for Up&Up, has a very playful design, but uses a combination of traditional materials such as marble and wood, which are more sober than the works produced by Memphis Milano, such as the famous Grigi furniture. The Demistella console top is made of brown marble with elegant veining. The Demistella console table top seems to be seemingly precariously balanced on a series of wooden blocks. Its cylindrical feet are made of black marquinia marble and above them are four marble legs that support the shelf. Ettore Sottsass was a great Italian architect and designer. also known as the founder of the Memphis Group, famous for its furniture. Ettore Sottsass was also a great researcher and developer and creative glass designer, where he created a profitable collaboration with “Murano I vetri”.

Demistella Console:

Sottsass is, in Italy, the artist who first of all succeeded in expressing, through his production of design objects, the emerging ideas of Controdesign or Radical Design, i.e. social criticism expressed through objects characterised by a strong experimentalism of materials, techniques and forms, in direct opposition to the Rationalist style and the common taste of the time.

The movement was born in the second half of the 1960s and continued, in its original connotations, until the early 1970s. Subsequently, the movement evolved through different declinations carried out by designers and architects such as those of the Memphis group.


Height: 81 cm,
Width: 60 cm
Depth: 39 cm,


In very good condition.


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