Elegant Central Living Room Sofa for Bernini, Original Label


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Large central sofa made in the 1970s with original Bernini manufacture label.
The sofa is designed to seat 5 and boasts a beautiful built-in cabinet with speakers and record player.
The frame is made entirely of a very fine dark wood, of which we see every single beautiful grain and is L-shaped. Two seats are placed in the smaller side, while three more seats on the other side.
There are also two side cabinets which open and inside are a record player on one side and a minibar to hold drinks and snacks on the other. Simply unique.
In the rest of the wooden structure are chests and shelves for objects and books.
The seat and back are lined in a beautiful original teal fabric of the period.


Height: 83 cm (32.67 in.)

Width: 316 cm (124.40 in.)

Depth: 265 cm (104.33 in.)

Corner: 150 cm (59.05 in.)

Seat Height: 43 cm (16.92 in.)


The sofa is in good and original vintage condition. The wood is also in good condition. There are defects and leaks and the wiring needs to be replaced with the current wiring in the country.

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