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Gianni Versace – Correani Necklace Capri Series


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Majestic and exquisite Versace – Correani necklace from the “Capri” series.
The beautiful necklace was designed by Gianni Versace around the 1980s and made by Ugo Correani, a great Italian jewelry designer.
The Versace – Correani necklace is made of gold-plated metal and features starfish and shells embellished with red stones, surrounded by many corals.
A similar example of the Versace – Correani necklace can be found at the Museum of Jewelry in Vicenza. The “marine” theme recurs often in fashion, especially in Gianni Versace’s collections.
The Versace – Correani necklace is perfect to wear with an evening dress (especially if total black) or for a big gala evening.

Made in Italy


Height: 1,6 cm (6.3 in.)

Width: 4,9 cm (19.3 in.)

Depth: 2 cm (0.79 in.)

Diameter: 4,9 cm (19.3 in.)


The necklace is in good and original condition, with no rips or wear. Being a VINTAGE garment it is possible that it may have some flaws.

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