Gianni Versace Luxury Black Mask Sunglasses Mod. Y76


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Luxurious Gianni Versace original gold and black sunglasses made in the 1990s by the historic Italian fashion house VERSACE and part of the Mod. Y76 Black Mask. Logo of authenticity inside.
Part of the Gianni Versace luxury eyewear series. It is a very refined and rare model, oversize mask.
The glasses are a wonderful piece of futuristic luxury design made in Italy, not to be missed!
The temples are thick and rigid, above which we find gold-coloured metal plates, very eccentric. These gold details connect to the front of the glasses, continuing with an opulent and luxurious gold line.
The glossy black frame houses two unique green polycarbonate lenses.
Gianni Versace’s vintage sunglasses are wrap-around and luxurious, for those who love to overdo it!

Made in Italy




The glasses are in original vintage condition, no cracks. Due to age they have some small marks on the gold metal parts, slightly worn, due to use and time.

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