Gianni Versace Poster for Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Beautiful and rare poster of the Metropolitan Museum of Art December 1997-March 1998 Gianni Versace exhibition.
The poster depicts a photograph by Irving Penn of the famous 1987 theater costume in black quilted satin and white satin with black and white appliqués. This poster is from ‘Theater’ collection by Gianni Versace.
The poster has an interesting black and white look on one of Versace’s most extravagant evening gowns. This item would be the perfect addition to any Gianni Versace collection.


The Gianni Versace runway collections were always spectacular and theatrical, and he found commissions (the first in 1982) to create costumes for theater and ballet irresistible. These, in turn, clearly influenced his fashion. Some of Versace’s most notable works were designed for choreographer Maurice Béjart. The creations met strict practical requirements and enhanced the dancer’s movements, while offering a dynamic visual narrative. Versace drew inspiration from the great masters of fashion theater, Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and Schiaparelli, for his larger than life theater costumes. Acknowledging his allegiance to the performing arts, he said, “For me, theater is a liberation.”


Height: 89 cm (35.03 in.)

Width: 64 cm (25.19 in.)

Depth: 0,5 cm (0.19 in.)


Gianni Versace poster is in excellent and original vintage condition, very slight scratches consistent with time and use.


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