Gilardi and Barzaghi Pair of Brass Wall Sconces in Painted Aluminum


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Beautiful pair of rare wall sconces designed by the great designers Gilardi and Barzaghi in the 1950s, fine Italian manufacture.
The sconces have a base made entirely of aluminum with two additional pivots supporting the conical brass structure. The base branches in two different directions and is attached to the wall by means of a brass plate inserted into the stem of the base. You can see on the two branches two different brass joints that support the cone, and this mechanism allows for the mobility of the stems, so you can position the lights to your taste and liking in any direction.
There are two light-holding cones and they are made of ivory-painted aluminum, fi conical shape with a very beautiful dotted perforated decoration; each cone holds a single light, attached to the end of the stems by a golden brass hook. The brass is perfectly in vintage patina.
The sconces are truly splendid and create a rare effect and play of light, suitable for homes with good vintage taste.


Height: 65 cm (25.59 in.)

Width: 60 cm (23.62 in.)

Depth: 41 cm (16.14 in.)


The lamp is in good and original vintage condition, obvious scratches and wear consistent with its time and use. No cracks or structural damage. No restorations. Brass in patina and scratches. Defects, missing.

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