Guido Faleschini Modular Sofa with Beverage Box


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A splendid modular sofa designed in the 1970s and produced by Guido Faleschini.
The modular sofa consists of 5 seating modules, all made of soft green velvet. At the corner there is a module that serves as a connection between the other modules of the sofa and conceals, by means of a push mechanism, a drinks compartment.
The sofa by Guido Faleschini is made of wood and original period fabric.
The sofa is an excellent piece of furniture for those who love having guests.


Height: 66 cm ( 25.98 in.)
Width: 330 cm (129.92 in.)
Depth: 260 cm (102.36 in.)
Seat height: 37 cm (14.56 in.)


The modular sofa by Guido Faleschini is in very good conditions.

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