Guido Reni Panel Painting Madonna Addolorata


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Magnificent 17th century panel painting by Guido Reni, fine Italian manufacture.
The painting was made on a hexagonal wooden panel, the frame of which is visible.
The painting is a classic Christian painting: it depicts the Madonna Addolarata, only the face.
The Madonna is depicted as she sets her gaze to heaven, while she weeps profusely. Her eyes are in fact reddened from weeping after losing her son Jesus Christ. The mouth is half-open to allow the Virgin Maria to catch her breath from sobbing.
Her head is covered with a golden veil, while her body can be glimpsed clothed in a blue mantle.
A golden circle is clearly visible around her head, symbolizing the halo with which saints are invested.
The painting is painted with very small and precise brushstrokes. The chiaroscuro can be seen very well and is used to perfection.
The background is black to symbolize the mourning of the Madonna.


Height: 28,6 cm (11.25 in.)

Width: 28 cm (11.02 in.)

Depth: 1,7 cm (0.66 in.)


The paint is in good and original vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use. Being a VINTAGE item it is possible that it will bear some scratches or defects.

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