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Important cabinet by Paolo Buffa production Arrighi


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Important closet cabinet by Paolo Buffa for Arrighi’s 1950s Italian production. The wardrobe is a great product of rare beauty , it is a priceless piece of furniture that testifies to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship of that period. The wardrobe is made of painted wood, it denotes great craftsmanship on painting in the wood by hand in light blue color for its details. The cabinet has, on the two sides of its doors, a column of rectangular mirrors with clearly visible a star carved in the mirror, a synbole par excellence of Paolo Buffa’s design. Also in the two doors we find, to our amazement, set by transparent glass some paintings on paper by Giovanni Gariboldi, where he depicts the nature of the forest. Gariboldi’s drawings feature hints of light blue to echo the edges of the cabinet. Gariboldi was a great Italian sculptor and modeler; in fact, he was one of Gio Ponti’s chosen few. Its two wooden handles make it easy to open. Inside we find a wooden shelf and a brass rod for storing coats or clothes. The style is innately classic mid-century Italian but features a combination of whimsical geometries that accompany classic and elegant lines.


Height: 226 cm (88,98 in.)

Width: 202 cm (79,53 in.)

Depth: 67 cm (26,34 in.)


The cabinet is original to the period and has slight defects, but it is still extraordinary!

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