Important Italian Bronze Sculpture by Nado Canuti, Untitled


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Eccentric and rare bronze sculpture by Italian master Nado Canuti from the 1950s. The sculpture is called: Untitled. Made entirely of bronze with a glass base.
The sculpture is a perfect specimen of modern art where rigid, upward fibred lines are the masters. His sculpture then progresses more and more towards abstract synthesis, seeking the rigour of line, the compact, smooth and geometric essentiality of form. His favourite subjects can be defined as forms assembled by joints, decomposable and mutable in a germinating mechanics of magical stylisation, in a “metamorphism” that will become the characteristic trait of his Sculpture now moving towards the definition of a personal and unmistakable stylistic morphology.
The line is very geometric and incisive, with a decorative element at the top.
The techniques used by Nado Canuti are cast, chiselled and smooth cement; marble, nickel silver and above all bronze.
Nado Canuti
He has created monumental works of great artistic and cultural significance in Italy and abroad. Degree theses and monographs of considerable critical interest have been awarded on his work.

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