Industrial Chic Antique Single Bed in Wrought Iron


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A rare antique, this bed belongs to the industrial chic period of the late 1800s, as can be seen from the workmanship, of fine French manufacture.
It is a single bed, made entirely of wrought iron, in original patina.
The headboard and footboard are much higher than the frame, a typical situation of the 19th century. Both are made of wrought iron, with a sinuous curl insert.
The side bars are made with a sinuous and whimsical curl work, typical of the Baroque period.
There are 4 feet and they too follow the style of the decoration: in fact, they are slightly softened and curved, creating a wonderfully sensual curl.
The crib is ideal for Baroque settings.


Height: 81 cm (31.88 in.)

Width: 93 cm (36.61 in.)

Depth: 189 cm (74.40 in.)


The antique bed is in good and original vintage condition, with slight scratches and light wear consistent with time and use. Flaws consistent with its time are present, and the iron is in original patina.

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