Italian Adjustable Brass and Marble Floor Lamp


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Beautiful adjustable brass and marble floor lamp designed in the 1950s of fine Italian manufacture.
The floor lamp has a supporting base, which makes the floor lamp stable, made of clear marble with a round brass center.
The stem, on the other hand, is made of black aluminum, a durable material, along with brass, that makes it so beautiful.
This floor lamp has the special feature that it can be adjusted in height and width.
The black aluminum rod ends with a patinated brass joint, which acts as a counterweight and allows the lampstand to be modulated. From this joint starts a brass rod, which, on one side has a black and gold sleeve that allows you to grip the lamp to arrange it as you see fit. On the other side of the brass rod at the apex we find its light aluminum shade, ochre in color, wonderful, with a black and gold tip that always echoes and resembles the rest of the lamp.
The lamp holder includes a single light. The electrical system has been changed according to Italian electrical compliances, clearly for outdoor environments it is necessary to ponder a new rewiring in order to comply with the current law in your country.
The lamp is suitable for study environments, but also near reading chairs or study desks.


Height: 172 cm (67.71 in.)

Width: 127 cm (50 in.)

Depth: 30 cm (11.81 in.)


In original condition. Brass in patina, slight scratches on marble and aluminium. But in very good condition

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