Italian Ceramic Vase in red


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A very special decorative vase made in the 1970s in Italy, more precisely in Deruta (Perugia), a city known for its ceramics. A beautiful Italian city of great culture, this Italian ceramic vase bears the official mark with numbering under the base, indicating the certain provenance of that pottery. Deruta ceramic is known worldwide and its history has ancient roots dating back to the late Middle Ages.
The first ceramics date back to the late 13th century and since then their production has always strongly influenced the city’s economy and still does today. One of the main characteristics of real Deruta ceramics is the uniqueness of the pieces: every single piece is decorated by hand, the real protagonists are the expert decorators who, following the tradition of this fascinating work, have been handing it down since the Renaissance.
The Italian Ceramic Vase is special in every element: the base is supported by three spherical, deep red feet; these feet support the body of the vase, which is narrow at first and gradually widens as it rises.
Four hemispherical grooves can be seen on the rim, suitable for moving the vase, which is of medium size, not too heavy and very easy to move.
On the outside, the Italian ceramic vase is black with a pattern of large gold squares. It has a sophisticated and eccentric flavour.
The inside of the ceramic vase, on the other hand, is shimmering red.
This Italian ceramic vase is splendid as a simple decorative object, given its distinctiveness, but also as a flower stand. The Italian ceramic vase is perfect for contemporary living with a vintage feel, which will distinguish your home with its unique and authentic flavour. The Italian Ceramic Vase will immediately stand out in your home! Dimension: Height: 7.88 in (20 cm), Diameter: 8.67 in (22 cm). You can also read this article

Dimensions 22 × 20 cm
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