Italian Futurism Coffee Table Luigi Colombo Fillìa


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Enter the energetic Futurist period where imagination and movement intertwine seamlessly the Italian Futurism Coffee Table Luigi Colombo Fillìa

Admire the hypnotic Italian coffee table attributed to the creative skill of Luigi Colombo Fillìa, created around 1920-1930.

A futurist piece in every sense, the Italian Coffee Table Attr. Luigi Colombo Fillìa

Be enchanted by this extraordinary creation, crafted with passion and finesse. Made of wood painted in eye-catching shades of red and blue, the coffee table exudes an irresistible charm. Its form, elegantly simple yet resolutely defined by geometric lines, invites contemplation. A harmony of form and function that bears witness to Fillìa’s visionary mind.

Technical characteristics of the Italian Futurist Coffee table Attr. to Luigi Colombo Fillìa

When one’s gaze descends to the base of the table, a delightful thread weaves its way into view. Three small feet, in the form of red circular knobs, welcome the observer. These humble yet captivating details act as a unifying motif, anchoring the table to all its furnishings presented in previous articles that complete the futurist living room. At every glance, they whisper of the meticulous craftsmanship that infuses every inch of this masterpiece.

The fascination of the geometric patterns dances across the surface of the table, capturing the viewer’s senses. These meticulously repeated motifs embellish the table with sublime beauty. They are a visual ode to the era, embodying the spirit of progress and futuristic vision that characterised the time.

With the acquisition of this coffee table, you not only embrace a futuristic design object but also invite a tangible imprint of Italian history into your space. It transcends its utilitarian purpose, becoming a living artifact that tells the tale of a nation’s artistic heritage. Through Fillìa’s artistic prowess, this coffee table embodies the essence of Italian culture and serves as a timeless reminder of the nation’s contribution to the world of design.

A product that excites, The Italian Futurist Coffee Table Attr. to Luigi Colombo Fillìa

Embrace the emotional resonance of this remarkable coffee table from the Futurist period, and allow it to infuse your surroundings with its captivating presence. Let it become a cherished centerpiece, a symbol of Italian innovation and artistic brilliance. Immerse yourself in its beauty, and embark on a journey through time, celebrating the enduring power of design and the rich tapestry of Italian history it represents.

You want to discover the CASA BALLA, a theatre of excellence of Italian futurism.

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Dimensions The Italian Coffee Table Att. Luigi Colombo Fillìa:

Height: 71 cm,

Diameter: 43.5 cm

In original period good condition. Has a slight wear due to its age.

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