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Italian futurist armchairs Fillìa Luigi Colombo


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The age of the Italian futurist Armchairs by Fillìa Luigi Colombo Attr.

Prepare to be captivated by the rare Italian Futurist pair of armchairs attributed to Fillìa Luigi Colombo—a remarkable testament to artistic ingenuity and historical significance. 

Technical characteristics of the Italian futurist sofa by Fillìa Luigi Colombo Attr.

Delve into the details of this enchanting piece as we embark on an emotional and analytical exploration of its profound impact. The armchairs, crafted from meticulously painted blue and red wood, emanates an air of intrigue and allure. Its upholstery, adorned with fabric showcasing typical Futurist motifs, draws our attention. Here, we find flowing brushstrokes interlaced with geometric patterns—a visual symphony that encapsulates the spirit of the Futurist era. These vibrant and dynamic motifs reflect the movement’s fascination with speed, progress, and the mechanization of society.

A sense of precision and geometric rigor permeates the lines of this armchairs—a design choice that appears almost like a playful illusion, a deceptive geometric game that challenges our perception. It is within this juxtaposition of fluid brushstrokes and strict geometry that the soul of the Futurist movement comes to life, inviting us to contemplate the fusion of art, technology, and human ambition.

An essential element that distinguishes this series of furniture is the presence of red lacquered wooden knobs—a detail of undeniable significance. These elegant accents, meticulously crafted, elevate the sofa’s aesthetic appeal, creating an exquisite decoration that captures our attention and engages our emotions. Their vibrant red hue injects the piece with a sense of energy and passion, while their polished surfaces reflect the vision and meticulous craftsmanship of its creator.

Historical era of the Italian futurist armchairs by Fillìa Luigi Colombo Attr.

These armchairs take us back to the early 30s serves as a portal to a transformative era in history. It embodies the essence of Futurism—a movement driven by optimism, innovation, and a quest for a utopian future. Through its color palette, motifs, and geometric precision, it encapsulates the ideals that shaped an entire generation of artists.

In conclusion, the rare Italian Futurist armchairs attributed to Fillìa Luigi Colombo is a masterwork of emotional and analytical significance. Its painted wood, fabric upholstery, and red lacquered knobs intertwine to create a visual symphony that resonates with the soul of the Futurist movement. As we contemplate its form and design, we are reminded of the bold aspirations and boundless imagination that defined this remarkable era. It stands as a testament to the power of art to transcend time, eliciting an emotional response and inspiring us to explore the depths of our own creative potential.

Casa Balla in Rome a monument to the Futurist artistic movement

Futurism in art: summary and essential characteristics

The Futurists were a group of young intellectuals in love with progress who set out to break ties with the past and implement a revolution within society through deliberately provocative works.

Dimension the Italian Futurist Armchairs By Fillìa Luigi Colombo:

Height: 74 cm

Width: 64 cm

Depth: 66 cm


Good original vintage condition. Restored, the fabric is original of the period in good condition, slight defects.

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