Italian Game Table by Luigi Scremin Attr.


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Step into a world where beauty and craftsmanship unite in perfect harmony – behold the breathtaking Italian dining or gaming table, a timeless treasure attributed to the revered Luigi Scremin from the illustrious 1950s. Prepare to be mesmerized by its allure, as it casts a spell of elegance and luxury upon any space it graces. Gaze upon its wavy-shaped top, where flowing lines intertwine like a graceful dance of artistry.

The Grissinato edge adds a touch of finesse, a delicate embrace that frames the table’s beauty like a precious work of art. As your fingers glide over the surface, you’ll feel the echoes of history, the passion of skilled hands etched into every curve. A stroke of genius, its legs command admiration, not only for their beauty but also for the ingenious design that allows them to be removed effortlessly through a seamless screw mechanism.

Marvel at the intricate details of the foot, adorned with wooden hoops. A testament to opulence, a brass ornament adorns the leg, a nod to the royal heritage that graces this stunning creation. This table is not only an exquisite piece of furniture; it is a reflection of a soul, an embodiment of art that transcends time.

At each encounter, you will feel the essence of Italian craftsmanship coursing through your veins, connecting you to a legacy of true masters. Picture it now, a modern environment adorned with this masterpiece – a space that exudes glamour and allure. As the centerpiece of your realm, the table casts an enchanting spell, drawing hearts closer, igniting conversations that dance like flickering candle flames. Embrace the magic of Luigi Scremin’s creation and let it weave its poetic enchantment in your world. Celebrate the art of dining or gaming with a touch of opulence, where memories are etched into the very fibers of this exquisite table.

It awaits, yearning to become a part of your story, a conduit for moments of laughter, camaraderie, and connection. Succumb to its allure and revel in the embrace of this beautiful Italian masterpiece, for it is not just a table, but an expression of timeless elegance and an invitation to create cherished memories.

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Height: 28.75 in (73 cm)
Width: 40.16 in (102 cm)
Depth: 40.16 in (102 cm)
Wear consistent with age and use. Minor losses. In original condition, MINOR DEFECTS ARE PRESENT. A restoration is possible on request.
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