Italian Nightstand by Umberto Asnago for Giorgetti


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Experience the timeless elegance of Italian post-modern design with this exquisite pair of bedside tables.

Characteristics of the Nightstand by Umberto Asnago for Giorgetti

Crafted in 1982 by the renowned Umberto Asnago for the esteemed Giorgetti manufacture, these nightstands embody the perfect harmony of geometric precision and fluid forms. Imagine the gentle curves and fluid waves of these bedside companions, crafted from the finest beechwood, caressing your space with artistic grace. Every line tells a story of passion, every curve whispers a tale of artistic brilliance.

Let the essence of Italian craftsmanship adorn your room, adding a touch of poetic beauty to your sanctuary. With two smoothly gliding drawers, adorned with sleek metal knobs, organizing your bedside essentials becomes a delightful breeze.

Peculiarities of Nightstand Umberto Asnago

Underneath the circular top, a hidden compartment awaits your treasured belongings, keeping them close at hand yet discreetly tucked away. The circular surface itself, a symbol of endless unity and completeness, is a testament to the thoughtfulness of the design.

Versatile and beautiful, these nightstands are equipped with wheels that glide effortlessly, allowing you to rearrange your space with ease. Feel the freedom to transform your room according to your whims, creating a sanctuary that resonates with your soul.

Made in Italy from the 80s.

Indulge in the elegance of these masterpieces and redefine the way you experience your bedroom. Elevate your surroundings, inspire your soul, and embrace the allure of Italian craftsmanship. Create a haven of timeless beauty, starting with these Bella coppia di comodini. Order now and let the artistry of Italy enchant your every day.

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Height: 21.26 in (54 cm)Diameter: 22.45 in (57 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In original condition, have light scratches and wear but still in good condition. No damage

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