Italian Rationalist Armchair Attributed to a Bottoni Piero


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Rare armchair from the Italian Rationalism of the 1930s attributed to Piero Bottoni. The armchair is a great product of 1930s Italian design. Through its rigorous and geometric lines, typical of Italian Rationalism, the armchair conveys rigour and solidity to its observer. Made of noble wood, the armchair is in its original condition of the time, in fact it still has its original cotton fabric worked in various colours. Its base is made of a single block: a pedestal with a round base that supports the entire structure, creating a geometric and sharp interplay. Its back, also made of the same wood, presents sharp, geometric lines, where rigour is one with the seat. The last detail of the armchair is its swivel mechanism that allows the seat to turn in all directions. Of great quality and beauty, the armchair is ideal for classical settings or for great collectors of Italian design.


Height: 90 cm (35,43 in.)

Width: 60 cm (23,6 in.)

Depth: 67 cm (26,38 in.)

Seat High: 48 cm (18,9 in.)


The wood has no cracks but only slight scratches. Its fabric is original of the period with defects. The armchair is in good and original condition.

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