Italian Rationalist Loveseat in Woood and Rattan


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 Beautiful loveseat from the Italian rationalist period of the 1920s.
The loveseat was made from fine wood for the frame and rattan for the seat and back.
Its bold, sharp and enveloping forms are precisely to be attributed to the historical period of Italian rationalism of the 1920s and 1930s.
The loveseat features curved armrests, and reinforced by another wooden lath, which are one with the legs. The loveseat’s feet are round and made of a black plastic material.
The loveseat is in good vintage condition, due to time the rattan of the seat and back has been replaced and the wood surface has been refinished and polished.
The Italian Rationalist loveseat is ideal in rustic yet refined and prominent settings where wood reigns supreme.


Height: 75 cm (29.52 in.)

Width: 109 cm (42.91 in.)

Depth: 70 cm (27.55 in.)

Seat High: 35 cm (13.77 in.)


The rationalist loveseat is in good vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use. The rattan has been replaced and the wooden frame has been polished and refinished. 

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