Italian Red Armchair by Giovanni Grismondi Design


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Contemporary armchair designed by Giovanni Grismondi in 2020. The armchair is made with an innovative and surprising design. In fact, it is made up of two leather cushions in a sausage or tubular shape. In order to create the shape of the armchair, the two cushions are folded on themselves and hooked together with steel hooks. With this system the armchair has taken on a soft and unusual line, creating an eccentric design.
The armchair is not only very comfortable but also a rare and contemporary design piece. The armchair is customisable and can be supplied in different colours and fabrics such as leather, faux leather and imitation leather.
Processing about 20 days.


Height: 74 cm (29.14 in.)

Width: 110 cm (43.31 in.)

Depth: 95 cm (37.41 in.)

Seat Height: 45 cm (17.72 in.)

Can be ordered in different colours:
Available in leather, semi-leather and imitation leather.

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