Italian Vintage Armchairs in Leather by Borsani


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Superb pair of Italian vintage armchairs in black leather by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno, model D120 in collaboration with Valeria Borsani and Alfredo Bonetti. This model was designed in 1966 on a commission from Florida.
The set is very rare, it is a living room set in a very soft black leather. The Italian vintage armchairs have a very rare original leather upholstery, in good condition, there are no rips, holes or tears in the leather. The feet that support the large Italian vintage armchairs are made of steel with a steel plate to give the chair more stability.
Its clean lines are ideal for modern and minimalist environments.


Height: 65 cm (25.59 in.)

Width: 105 cm (41.33 in.)

Depth: 95 cm (37.40 in.)

Seat High: 40 cm (15.74 in.)


The Italian vintage black leather armchairs are in excellent original vintage condition, in perfect condition, no damages or tears.


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