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Italian Vintage Leather Sofa with three seats


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The captivating allure of Italian craftsmanship

in our Vintage Leather Sofa from the ’70s awaits you.

Experience the same artisanal mastery and attention to detail found in our armchairs, now embodied in a three-seater sofa.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the sofa’s structure ensures long-lasting durability. As you settle into its soft seats, you’ll be enveloped in a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Surrender to the gentle embrace of exquisite Italian leather, indulging in pure luxury. With meticulous precision and undeniable Italian mastery, each piece is carefully created to transport you to a timeless era of elegance. The sofa proudly boasts sinuous and elegantly curved lines, a testament to the art of Italian design. Effortlessly evoke the captivating aesthetics of the Space Age era, a time when imagination soared and innovation knew no bounds.

Elegance and comfort taking a leap into the past…

Elegance and comfort harmoniously blend, bridging the gap between past and present. When you gaze upon this extraordinary sofa, you’ll be transported to a world where vintage elegance merges with contemporary sophistication. Its imposing presence adds a touch of refined opulence, whether it graces the decor of a cozy living room or enhances a classy office space. Prepare to embrace the enchantment of the past, reinterpreted for the present. Owning this captivating piece allows you to transcend the boundaries of time. Immersing yourself in a realm of limitless creativity and exquisite design. The Italian vintage leather sofa will undoubtedly become the focal point of your space, captivating hearts and igniting engaging conversations. Indulge in the luxurious embrace of nostalgia as the vintage atmosphere seamlessly blends with contemporary appeal, and let elegance become your eternal companion.

Don’t miss the opportunity

to make this extraordinary sofa yours—a true testament to the splendid Italian design of the ’70s, representing the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

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Furniture of the 70s: Tradition and Innovation


Height: 29.53 in (75 cm)
Width: 88.58 in (225 cm)
Depth: 43.30 in (110 cm)
Seat Height: 16.53 in (42 cm)
The Italian vintage leather sofa is in excellent and original vintage condition. The upholstery shows no tears, but being vintage items, they do exhibit slight scratches and wear consistent with their age and use.
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