Japanese Peacock Dish in Bronze and Cloissoné


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Round plate in bronze and cloisonné enamel designed in Japan at the end of the 19th century, during the ‘Meiji’ era, which can be translated as ‘enlightened government’. This historical period in Japan was marked by the rule of Emperor Mutsuhito and the change of his country from a feudal system to a policy of industrialization and modernization. This plate is made of bronze and cloisonné enamel, a goldsmithing technique originally applied to jewellery design. The polychrome decorations depict a peacock on a branch, on a blue background coexist water lilies and multicoloured flowers; we see a small bird in flight. The scenes are bordered by friezes with ornamental motifs. The lower parts of these plates are embellished with a succession of scrolling floral fillets. Plates with precise decorations and cheerful colours naturally attract the eye. The frame is a very elegant golden thread.


Height: 30 cm (11.81 in.)

Diameter: 4 cm (1.57 in.)


The dish is in good and original vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use.
Being a VINTAGE item it is possible that it will bear some scratches or defects.

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