Marco Furgeri Mid-Century Wall Mirror in Copper


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Beautiful mid-century round copper wall mirror designed by Marco Furgeri in the 1960s, fine Italian manufacture.
This mirror hung in the Bologna Town Hall.
The mirror is designed for the wall and is complicated in its simplicity. It has a typically round shape, with a central round mirror and a decorated copper frame.
On the frame you can see scenes that seem to recall Greek or Egyptian drawings, depicting people riding horses, plowing, colliding, fighting, dancing and much more.
The relief on the copper is simply fantastic and bewitching.
This sophisticated and classy piece is in excellent condition. A treasure for any wall.


Height: 45,5 cm (17.91 in.)

Diameter: 5 cm (1.96 in.)


The mirror is in good and original vintage condition, slight scratches and light wear consistent with its time and use. Being a VINTAGE item it is possible that it will bear some scratches or defects.

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