Marsura Salvino Italian Brutalist table lamp, signed


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Magnificent Italian Brutalist table lamp created by the great sculptor Marsura Salvino, from the 1970s. the lamp is totally created in wrought iron and hand ground. The lamp can be defined as a great sculptural element with great visual impact. In fact, its anthropomorphic forms create very provocative plays of volumes and shapes . The lamp is signed at the base by the artist. Marsura Salvino was a great Italian artist, born in Treviso in 1938, whose career spanned 60 years starting in the 1950s.  His work includes small and large-scale sculptures, furniture and architectural elements. Today as yesterday, the work is manual, in the footsteps of the blacksmith: forge, anvil, hammer, strength and ingenuity. Beyond his skill in metalworking, Marsura’s main gift is to give a soul to inanimate matter. The lamp features a single light inside and is perfect for eccentric furnishings or for lending creativity to one’s living space.


Height: 215 cm

Width: 100 cm

Depth: 46 cm


Slight scratches er due to its age and use, but being made of wrought iron it has no breaks or damage.

Weight 14.0 kg
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