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Important Marzio Cecchi Coffee Table in Rope and Pink Mirror


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Magnificent coffee table by marzio Cecchi from the 1970s. The coffee table is a magnificent example of Italian craftsmanship on working with rope. In fact, the coffee table features a structure with a very dense weave made with rope. An elegant weave that expands over the entire surface that creates an elegant and very distinctive texture. On the sides of the coffee table we find three round metal handles also woven into the dense weave give originality and importance to the coffee table. The handles not only decorate the product, but also facilitate its movement. To embellish everything, we find on the table top a circular mirror of pink color. The mirror has slight abrasion denoting its age and importance. Marzio Cecchi’s coffee table is a rare specimen and very important and seems reminiscent of African design, having rural materials such as metal and rope. This charming coffee table can be placed in eclectic living rooms with sophisticated taste.


Height: 32 cm (12,6 in.)

Diameter: 68 cm (26,77 in.)


The product is in very good condition, has some light wear on the string due to its age. The mirror has no breaks but only slight signs of time.

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