Mid-Century Velvet Armchairs in Iron


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Particular pair of mid-century armchairs designed in the 1950s of fine Italian manufacture. The fabric has been reupholstered in a soft and enveloping sage-green very eccentric velvet.
The structure is made of black iron, there are 4 legs supporting a narrow cylindrical shape; from underneath the seat arise the two iron strands that will create the backrest support, creating an industrial chic effect.
The seat is very wide and at the same time lower than the square-shaped standard, to give the feeling of relaxation.
The backrest, on the other hand, is smaller but has a rectangular shape with the two low corners missing.
Armchairs are an excellent piece of furniture for dialogue lounges but also for high-class offices.


Height: 72 cm (28.34 in.)

Width: 60 cm (23.62 in.)

Depth: 73,5 cm (28.93 in.)


The armchairs are in very good vintage conditions.

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