Molletta bench Riva 1920 attributed


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Molletta bench attributed to the RIVA 1920s studio from the 1980s. The bench is made from unique blocks and is characterised by a sculptural design that plays with the typical outsize of Pop art. Molletta bench Riva Made of two blocks, one in concave metal and the other in wood. Joined together by the red lacquered iron spring. The object thus takes on a double life: the first is that of a large seat designed for large indoor and outdoor spaces; the second is that of a powerful sculptural element, capable of defining the identity of the surrounding space. However, the enlarged Molletta bench Riva is also a tribute to the simple and anonymous design that has always silently shared our daily domestic life. The aesthetic strength of this MOLLETTA owes much to the skilful woodworking that Riva 1920 has in its tradition. In this seat in particular, the working of the oblique cuts enhances the grain and nuances of the wood, creating almost a virtual texture that covers the object entirely. It is a pop element that can lend a fun and friendly air to any room. Practical and refined thanks to its simple and well-defined shapes, it is perfect when inserted in a modern interior design to which one wishes to give a touch of originality. Molletta bench Riva From an idea of the Baldessari e Baldessari architecture and design studio, by Giulio, Paolo and Michela Baldessari, the Molletta bench also fits perfectly in industrial style environments.


Height: 38 cm

Width: 239 cm

Depth: 47 cm

Seat Height: 38 cm


Wear consistent with age and use. In good condition, it has no damage but only scratches and slight wear due to its age.

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