Pair of Elegant Poufs Attr. Osvaldo Borsani


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The pair of poufs or ottomans attributed to the great 1940s designer Osvaldo Borsani is an elegant and sophisticated addition to your décor.

Characteristics of poufs Poufs Attr. Osvaldo Borsani

Made with a wooden frame, the ottomans feature a square base and four curved wooden elements that rise upwards to form the seat. These elements not only provide support for the velvet seat, but also create an elegant and harmonious geometric play that balances with sophistication.

By purchasing this pair of ottomans, you will not only make your own a fine expression of fine Italian craftsmanship from the Mid-century period, but also a piece of great historical value that will enrich and lend authority to your décor. The semi-spherical shape of the ottoman seat lends balance and a pleasant playful touch.

The original light green velvet fabric, still in excellent condition, retains the authenticity and beauty of the period in which they were made. This fabric lends an atmosphere of class and sophistication to the ottomans, contributing to their overall aesthetic. The pair of ottomans is ideal for bedrooms or living rooms of considerable importance, where the history and uniqueness of each product are key elements in the décor.

The presence of these ottomans will contribute to a refined and distinctive ambience, highlighting your care for quality design and appreciation of Italian craftsmanship.

The timeless elegance of poufs by Osvaldo Borsani Attr.

In summary, the pair of ottomans or poufs attributed to Osvaldo Borsani are an elegant testament to 1940s design. With their wooden frame, elegant geometric play, original velvet fabric and semi-spherical seat shape, they represent a work of art with historical and artistic value. By purchasing this pair of ottomans, you will not only introduce a highly relevant element into your environment, but also an opportunity to appreciate and value the work of one of the great Italian designers of the Mid-century period.

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We went to Villa House Borsani. Between dream and elegance


Height: 14.97 in (38 cm)

Width: 17.33 in (44 cm)

Depth: 17.33 in (44 cm)

Seat Height: 17.33 in (44 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In original condition good. It shows slight scratches due to its age-.

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