Pair of Italian Art Deco bedside tables


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Pair of Italian Art Deco bedside tables

Introducing a timeless marvel from the 1920s, behold the allure of our exquisite Italian Art Deco Bedside Tables – a symphony of elegance and craftsmanship that transcends the boundaries of time.

Technical specifications of Italian Art Deco bedside tables

Crafted with the finest walnut root, these masterpieces exude sophistication and grace, while the ebonized feet add a touch of mystique to their grandeur. Picture this: a hidden treasure beneath the smooth surface, a concealed compartment to hold your cherished keepsakes or favorite bedtime reads, ever ready to embrace your desires.

Like twinkling stars in the night sky, a pull-out drawer draws in from below, allowing easy access to everyday items without disturbing the serenity of your retreat. The shelf is protected by a flawless pane of glass, reminiscent of a precious memory frozen in time, watching over the treasure with a benevolent gaze.

But that’s not all: discover the enchanting secret inside! Open the flap door and you will discover a shelf shelter carved from the walnut root itself, inviting you to store your heart’s desires. It is a delight for the soul, a whisper from the past, an ode to a bygone era, now lovingly preserved in these timeless pieces. to the bygone era, now lovingly preserved in these timeless pieces.

Special features of the couple Italian Art Deco bedside tables

Embodying the very essence of the Art Deco period, their geometric form and delicate contours dance with light, casting an enchanting spell upon your bedroom. Whether you seek a touch of elegance or a symphony of classic charm, these bedside tables will be the crowning glory of your private haven.

Indulge in the allure of Italian design, relish the romance of the Art Deco period – for within these bedside tables, you embrace the very essence of a bygone era. Let them adorn your bedroom, and bask in the nostalgia and warmth they exude.

The magic and beauty of the couple Italian Art Deco bedside tables

Bring home more than just furniture; embrace an era, seize a moment in history, and cherish two timeless masterpieces. Let them become the guardians of your dreams and aspirations, as you revel in the splendor of the Italian Art Deco period.

Seize this moment to enhance your bedroom with the elegance of yesteryears, and create your own saga amidst the whispers of the past. Welcome these Italian Art Deco Bedside Tables into your life today and embark on a journey where time stands still, and memories come alive.

Unlock the magic of the past and the beauty of the present – make them yours now. Own a piece of history, embrace the elegance, and redefine your sanctuary with these Italian treasures. Your timeless tale awaits.

Villa Necchi An Italian Art Deco jewel

Art Deco explained by Elle Decor


Height: 28.35 in (72 cm)
Width: 16.34 in (41.5 cm)
Depth: 16.34 in (41.5 cm)
Wear consistent with age and use. Minor losses. In original period condition. Wear consistent with its age. Presents scratches and slight defects. Small chipping in the glass.
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