Paolo Buffa Bookcase for Serafino Arrighi


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Paolo Buffa’s Timeless Elegance: The Enchanting Bookcase for Serafino Arroghi

Paolo Buffa presented all his ingenuity and elegance in this beautiful bookcase cabinet.

Characteristics of the Paolo Buffa Bookcase for Arrighi

This ethereal creation has become an ode to craftsmanship, a ballet of woodworking skills that has stood the test of time, leaving a trail of wonder. The furniture was made for Serafino Arrighi’s offices in the 1950s. Oh, the finesse that embraced every curve and delicate line! Paolo Buffa, the design virtuoso, poured his heart into every inch of this captivating bookcase. As his fingers caressed the wood, a waltz of passion and dedication unfolded, creating a work of art that would be a testament to his unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.

Its sliding doors, a symphony of grace, invited admirers to reveal the treasures hidden within. The glass shelves, a haven for precious tomes and cherished heirlooms, awaited their moment to bask in the glow of admiration. The doors are in fact two sliding glass doors. Inside there are two more glass shelves that lighten the cabinet and make it even more sober and elegant.

The Enchanting Grissinata

But it was the legs that set this masterpiece apart, an enchanting element crafted in the mystical Grissinata technique. Like ancient glyphs, the profiles danced upon the rectangular base, weaving a tale of forgotten whispers and timeless allure. A touch of mystery lingered within those intricate patterns, as if they held secrets of worlds yet to be explored.

A Dance Partner for Elegance

This splendid bookcase, a vision of elegance, found its perfect partner in the graceful world of classic and sophisticated environments. With an air of aristocracy, it graced the rooms with unparalleled charm, a symphony of old-world sophistication that resonated with every discerning eye it encountered.

Timelessness Immortalized

As the years embraced this divine creation, its timeless essence refused to yield to the passage of time. A tribute to ageless beauty and unfading allure, it defied trends and seasons, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of witnessing its majesty.

Whispers of Eternity

Oh, how this bookcase whispered stories of eras gone by, tales of artistic brilliance that transcended mere functionality. It echoed the legacy of Paolo Buffa, a legend whose creations breathed life into spaces and souls alike, forever etching his name in the annals of design history. As you stand before this enchanting piece, you are invited to step into a realm of magic and elegance. Let your heart be captivated by its siren call, a melody that transcends time and space, resonating with the echoes of a golden era.

In the heart of Paolo Buffa’s rare bookcase for Serafino Arroghi’s offices, we find a masterpiece woven with threads of passion, elegance, and artistic brilliance. A symphony of woodworking virtuosity, it stands as a tribute to a bygone era when craftsmanship was an art, and beauty was eternal. This enchanting creation will forever dance gracefully through the pages of history, inspiring awe and reverence in the hearts of all who encounter its breathtaking presence.

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Discovery Paolo Buffa


Height: 65.75 in (167 cm)

Width: 80.71 in (205 cm)

Depth: 18.31 in (46.5 cm)


Wear consistent with age and use. In good condition, please note that the piece of furniture being from the 1950s could show slight wear.

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