Paolo Buffa Mid-Century Fine Double Bed Frame in Wood


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Beautiful frame of a double bed designed by the great Paolo Buffa in the 1950s of fine Italian manufacture.
The bed is made entirely of solid and durable wood, the frame is very impressive and distinctive.
Supporting it are four feet, one at each corner, square in shape with brass ferrule, very elegant. Going up we see the actual structure, which takes a rectangular shape: the two sides have a simple narrow rectangular band.
The footboard is lower and its peculiarity is that in the corners they create a kind of geometric play that makes it very beautiful.
The highlight of the bed is the headboard: in fact, it stands very imposing compared to the rest of the structure, thanks to the two feet that extend going to create the sides of the headboard ending with pointed elements, typically mid-century.
The center of the headboard creates two large curls, which seem reminiscent of the waves of the sea breaking, but not touching, leaving a space between one and the other. There are two horizontal planks in the middle of the frame, each supported by a foot, apt to give stability.
The bed is very elegant suitable for mid-century style rooms.


Top Headboard

Height: 119,5 cm (47.04 in.)

Width 176,5 cm (69.48 in.)

Depth: 203 cm (79.92 in.)

Low Headboard

Height: 53 cm (20.86 in.)

Width: 168 cm (66.14 in.)

Depth: 193 cm (75.98 in.)


The bed frame is in good vintage and original condition. Wear and scratches are consistent with use and time. Being a vintage object it may present defects.

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