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Paolo Buffa Trumeau in Wood and Glass for Serafino Arrighi


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Beautiful wooden trumeau designed by the great Paolo Buffa for Serafino Arrighi in the 1950s.
The cabinet is made entirely of very fine and durable dark wood.
At the base there are 4 very strong square feet, which support the whole structure.
Going up we see a rectangular wooden structure with two doors, which can be opened by a brass key. Opening the window doors, we see inside two shelves on each side, made of very elegant clear glass; on the right side above the shelves there are two pull-out drawers.
Going up further, the structure narrows, creating a very eccentric trapezoidal shape. Here, there is a flap that can be opened by key; inside, in addition to the writing surface, there are two small drawers at each end, with two shelves underneath; one shelf is centrally placed. Most elegant!
Going up further we see the actual display case: rectangular in shape with two window-opening doors. The doors are made entirely of very elegant glass, with geometric wooden inserts. Inside there are two large glass shelves, suitable for displaying services etc.
The cabinet is concluded by a frieze that stands out splendidly at the top: it is in the form of two curls that meet in the center of the cabinet.
The trumeau is very elegant, suitable for important areas.


Height: 215 (84.64 in.)

Width: 100 cm (39.37 in.)

Depth: 46 cm (18.11 in.)


The trumeau is in good and original vintage condition, has some scratches from use and time. Brass in patina.
Being a VINTAGE product, it is possible that it has slight wear and tear. No breakage.

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