Paul Follot Dining Table in wood


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Amazing  Paul Follot dining table Attributed, of French manufacture from the French Art Deco period. The table is made entirely of noble wood. Paul Follot dining table is made with a magnific technique and the great mastery in woodworking is denoted. The borders of Paul Follot’s table precisely of its table top are graceful wavy work, while its base has important wavy grooves that create an elaborate play of waves.
This wave pattern is shot up to the end of her legs. The dining table is ideal for furnishing prestigious dining rooms in Art Deco and classic style.


Height: 79 cm
Depth: 87.5 cm
Width: 165 cm


In very good condition. Restored.

Paul Follot:

Paul Follot (17 July 1877 – 1941) was a French designer of luxury furniture and decorative art objects before World War I. He was one of the leaders of the Art Deco movement, and had huge influence in France and elsewhere.After the war he became head of the Pomone decorative art workshop of Le Bon Marché department store, making affordable but still elegant and high-quality work.


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