Pink Bedroom Vanity with Velvet Pouff



Gorgeous pink bedroom vanity with matching rounded mirror. The vanity mirror has two semi-oval gilded feet to support the weight of the structure. the structure is also semi-oval and the top has several useful elements for a make-up vanity. There are four small drawers, two on each side, useful for storing any number of beauty items.
Going up further we see that on the top there are two semi-ovals that can be opened, which contain compartments suitable for storing jewellery or make-up.
The two elements decorated with tropical leaves on the sides of the mirror can also be opened and can hold necklaces, earrings and bracelets, most of which can be hung for convenience.
The mirror is large and allows one to look and admire oneself to perfection; the entire vanity is entirely pink, surrounded by a very intense gold that makes it opulent.
Its matching pouff is made entirely of pink velvet, with the seat decorated with the same tropical leaves present on the vanity. It is round in shape and has a small backrest for comfortable seating.
This object is unique and unmissable, for high-class women.

Height: 145 cm (57.08 in.)
Width: 160 cm (62.99 in.)
Depth: 56 cm (22.04 in.)

The vanity is in good and original vintage condition, slight wear consistent with use and time. There are no cracks or tears.

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