Post Modern dining table Attr. to Norman Foster


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In a world where design transcends time, there emerges a masterpiece that dances on the delicate line between the past and the future.

A relic from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, this dining table is not merely an artifact of its era; it is a symphony of glass and iron, a creation attributed to none other than the visionary, Norman Foster.

As your fingers graze the smooth surface of the transparent glass tabletop, you can almost feel the pulse of creativity that once coursed through the veins of the mastermind behind this marvel. The glass, thick and unyielding, captures the essence of transparency in its most literal form. It welcomes light, plays with reflections, and invites conversation to flow effortlessly around its shimmering perimeter.

But it’s the iron frame that truly steals the spotlight—a sculpture in its own right. The legs stand proud, a testament to geometry’s elegance and power. Each line, each angle, is a brushstroke in an abstract painting, a portrayal of dynamic movement frozen in time. The feet, a study in balance, echo the shape of saucers, grounding the table with a whimsical touch that defies its industrial material.

Ah, but the heart of this masterpiece resides in its pedestal ends, a detail that invites intrigue. Anchored by a metal disc, the pedestal speaks of stability and connection. It’s as though Foster himself designed not just a table, but a dialogue between form and function, a conversation that spans decades and blurs the boundaries of design eras.

Run your hand along the metal joints—connections that hold secrets of craftsmanship and engineering. They are not just mundane links; they are the veins that give life to the intricate anatomy of this table, a fusion of creativity and construction, of artistry and utility.

And as your eyes drink in the beauty before you, a sense of timelessness takes root. This table, with its bold essence, finds itself equally at home in the modern spaces of today and the postmodern dreams of yesterday. It defies temporal constraints, beckoning you to partake in its narrative, a narrative that celebrates innovation and resonates with the echoes of an artistic soul.

So, in the presence of this glass and iron symphony, let your imagination dance with the possibilities it offers.

If you would like to complete the furnishing with a cube 

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Height: 28.75 in (73 cm)

Width: 70.87 in (180 cm)

Depth: 39.38 in (100 cm)


ear consistent with age and use. in good condition.We only find scratches due to its age and use.

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