Richard Ginori Decorative Plates by Davide Campari


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Splendid set of 3 decorated plates designed by Davide Campari for the Richard Ginori factory in the 1920s. The plates are entirely made of decorated ceramic, which is very resistant.
The Campari triptych for Richard Ginori is simply gorgeous.
The first plate is from the collection I CAVALLI. It’s a limited edition of 10,000 pieces, approximately dated in 1910. In this scene we can see two painted horses. A black one in the foreground and a brown one behind it, carrying a cart. It was absolutely normal in Italy to use horses to transport goods. Its edges are white.
The second plate by Richard Ginori is from the SPIRITELLO collection. It’s a limited edition of 10,000 PIECES, 1920s. This plate is very special, as its name suggests it concerns a spirit in the centre of a vortex made of orange peel. The spirit holds a bottle and seems to dance in happiness. The garnish is white. The third and last plate is from IN TERRAZZA collection. It is a limited edition of 7000 pieces, dated 1920s. It depicts an ordinary dialogue scene between a man and a woman sitting on a terrace. The man has a glass in his hand and is comfortably seated, while the woman is reaching out towards him just as if to draw him to her. The 1920s charm exudes from every detail.


Diameter: 22 cm (8.66 in.)
Depth: 3 cm (1.18 in.)


The Campari set for Richard Ginori is in good vintage conditions.

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