Rocco Barocco Vintage Glittering Fabric Handbag


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Brilliant moon-shaped handbag, very pretty, made by Rocco Barocco in the 1990s, made in Italy. ORIGINAL LABEL. The handbag is moon cut, small and suitable for any situation. The fabric is a simple beige, creating a square texture alternating with gold squares with glitter. The handbag has one large pocket and one small pocket that can be opened by a zipper. Internally there is a gold metal plate with the stylist’s mark. The handbag also has a medium, gold metal chain to make it more comfortable to carry. The handbag is ideal for everyday use but also for sparkling outfits like her.

Made in Italy




The bag is in good and original condition, with no rips or wear. Being a VINTAGE garment it is possible that it may have some flaws.

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